Bespoke Furniture

Terrain Elements specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of quality custom pieces.

Our bespoke design consultancy arm means we can tailor products to suit your requirements. This may include the modification of a standard product with tailored parts or a complete customised product that is built to your specifications.

Terrain Elements look to provide a comprehensive, complete service that can bring your vision to life.

Each of our products are built using premium materials, with our own specialised manufacturing arm enabling us to pay particular attention to detail and maintain tight quality control over every article we produce.

Terrain Elements have a strong commitment to the finished design of all our products, and continually investigate new materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure we remain as leaders within the industry, and that each of our products withstands the test of time.

Custom-made planter boxes for the City of Melbourne

Custom-made Platform and Bin enclosure

Custom-made bench and stool

Thank you Samaritan College

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